Hey! I’m Johannes, the founder of Andarion Games and at the time I’m writing this post, I was planning to prepare the last items for our Product Hunt launch.

Our children’s game Times Tables Hunt was supposed to be posted at 0:01 am the following day. Only that – well, it won’t happen. Since it already did. Since I’m the only person working at my company at the moment (I plan to bootstrap my games studio), I need to keep all juggling balls up by myself. And this time, it just didn’t work out.

Not everything works out as planned 😦

I had rescheduled the PH launch a few times because I wanted to be better prepared: Prepare some additional videos, reach out to a few friends and my social media followers etc. Everything took time so I reschedules the launch. But apparently my last change got lost somehow (may simply have been my internet connection). And now at the moment I’m wrapping up everything, I log into the campaign page only to realize that the launch had already happened. And got 12 upvotes. I’m really thankful to those of the PH community who upvoted Times Tables Hunt during the campaign and who knows how many more people I really would have reached (I’m not yet really active there, just getting to know the platform).

The only thing I can probably still do about it is
a) post about it nevertheless so Times Tables Hunt gets a few delayed upvotes
b) write this blog post to everybody else is warned to double check their campaign also when they’re in the middle of getting everything set up and preparing content – you may end up missing the opportunity otherwise.

If you still want to support us nevertheless, find our campaign here:


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Dr. Johannes Mattmann

PhD in physics, research stay at CERN 2012-2014. Founder of flyingshapes GmbH (design tech startup) and Andarion Games GmbH (gaming startup)


Working at Walmart · 1. November 2022 at 10:49

Keep up the good work.

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